Why You Must Use HubSpot's New Prospects App

Post date: 2022-05-17 Category: Marketing

Five Things You Don't Want to Miss About HubSpot's New Prospects App

Last week, HubSpot released a new version of the Prospects app. You can find the app under the Convert tab. This amazing, updated app has really changed the way we're able to understand, connect and subsequently target visitors and leads. Watch this short video to see a demo of the new application then read on to see the five things you don’t want to miss about HubSpot’s exciting new Prospects tool.

Can’t watch the video? Or just can’t get enough? Here are five things you’ll want to know about the new Prospects:

1.Get Company-wide Lead Intelligence: Want to know if a particular company is visiting your website? With the Prospects app you can not only see the company listed by name, but you can see:

    • How many visitors you’ve had from a particular company and how they found your site.
    • What content they’ve reviewed and when they reviewed it with a site history and timeline.
    • How long they spent on your site and how many times they’ve been back to look again.
    • How many visitors converted into leads and what marketing campaigns they’re currently receiving.

2.Unite Sales and Marketing: Who doesn’t like a happy team? This new lead intelligence can help a sales person determine where exactly their prospects are in the buying cycle, then use the data to warm up cold calls OR upsell warm leads based on behavior visitor behavior.

3.Improve your Geographic Targeting: Looking to market to a particular geographic region? Easily sort your list of prospective companies by country to see exactly how much traction you’re getting in a particular region (those flags are pretty cute too!)

4.Save Time with These Cool New Features!

    • The Hide Prospects button makes it easy to sort through the list of prospects and focus on companies that are worth your time and research.
    • Set up Daily (or Weekly) Emails to help you or your sales team keep a finger on the pulse of these exciting new prospects.
    • Search-as-you-type functionality. Less searching, less scrolling! Company and location-based results will automatically appear as you begin to type your search criteria into the search box.

5.Connect with Key Decision Makers. Click through to the company’s LinkedIn page – right from the tool! – to research and connect with key decision makers quickly and effectively. Search for common titles that you do business with and start connecting with them.

Sound pretty good? We think so! How will you use the new Prospect tool?