Website Grader Lessons: Dowd Restoration

Post date: 2022-05-12 Category: Marketing

Don't forget to enter the ongoing Website Grader contest for your chance to win $100 ! In the meantime, let's take a look at the Dowd Restoration, a company that is kicking butt at inbound marketing, and dig into what they are doing right and what they could be doing better.

Dowd Restoration

Dowd Restoration is a Denver, Colorado based restoration company that specializes in interior and exterior painting, deck refinishing and more. They have an informative website and an active social media presense with over 14,000 followers on Twitter!

Website Grader Lessons: Dowd Restoration

Things Dowd Restoration is Doing Right

 1. Dowd Restoriation is killing it on Twitter. James Dowd manages their Twitter presence, and the number of followers isn't a fluke. James is engaging and relevant for those who are looking to learn more about taking care of their home. With everything from links to articles on how to easily remove paint to tips on the useful tools for when you are painting, there is lots to learn.

But Dowd isn't only rocking it on Twitter. They have a fabulous Facebook presence as well. The Dowd Restoration business page  includes links to their blog and others as well as photos of their recently completed jobs. They currently have 357 people who like their page, and I can only imagine this growing. It's a great example of sharing the content people want when they are thinking about hiring you.

2. Dowd Restoration is also a great example of testing different markerting approaches. While active on Twitter and Facebook, they also have a restoration blog  which they have been posting to at least once a month. In addition, they have been steadily adding content to their YouTube channel .

It also looks like they are tracking their efforts using Google Analytics. An important part of Inbound Marketing is understanding what is working for you and what isn't. If you can't tell which marketing campaigns visitors, leads and customers, you don't know where to best spend your efforts.

Things Dowd Restoration Could Do Differently

1. Dowd Restoration is doing a good job creating content, however I would recommend doing even more and try to get a new blog post out there every week. Data shows that blogging more frequently can significantly impact the amount of traffic and leads you get.

If coming up with things to blog about is tough, check out Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion . His appearance on last year is still a favorite, and his advice on what to blog about  rings true.

2. Dowd Restoration is rocking social media, but I would recommend spending some time optimizing their website for search engines. They have lots of content, and they aren't putting it to work for them as much as they could.

First I would recommend doing some keyword research, to identify the terms that are most important to their prospects and leads. Then, work those into the page titles and content of their website.  For more tips and tricks, check out the Search Engine Optimization Hub .

Dowd Restoration is a great example of inbound marketing in action. To see how your site compares, grade it on .