Want to Build Your Brand? Share Your Content.

Post date: 2022-05-03 Category: Marketing

What's the best way for a small business to build its brand?

Sharing information -- via blog posts, white papers, Twitter or other platforms -- is a great place to start.

That strategy has certainly worked for Wayne Sutton , a blogger , video podcaster and consultant based in Raleigh, NC. He's built a business by sharing his knowledge. Last week I spoke with him, and he explained that if you share your knowledge, and it's useful, other people will share it, and your brand will spread.

"You don't give everything away for free, but you give some information, and people will share your information," he said.

Wayne pointed out that this isn't just something that works for consultants -- he seen the same dynamics at work for doctors, lawyers and other more traditional professionals.

Here's a recording of my full interview with Wayne.

Want to Build Your Brand? Share Your Content.

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Want to Build Your Brand? Share Your Content.

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