Top 5 Inbound Marketing Stories of the Week: Social Media Strategy

Post date: 2022-05-05 Category: Marketing

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Stories of the Week: Social Media Strategy Does your company have a social media marketing strategy?  If you're inclined to answer "yes" because you have a Twitter handle and a Facebook page, you may want to re-think your answer.

Our top article on this week urges you to take a step back, do your homework and form an actual strategy for social media marketing.  What are your objectives?  What are the opportunities?  What are your competitors doing?  After all, there's more to social media marketing than tweeting and Facebooking...

1. Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Author: Bernie Borges of Optimize This

Bernie's main message is that, for a business, a social media strategy serves one simple purpose: "enabling your company to engage in authentic conversations with your community so you can improve your ability to attract, retain and serve your customers."  Still, he encourages readers to stop to do some research first -- inside the company and out -- to gain valuable insight that will drive their strategies.

Among Bernie's recommendations are to listen first and define your objectives, whether they be geared toward competitive differentiation, market share growth or the expansion of your brand.  His final words of wisdom are to " let your content go ," sharing it with and promoting it to your community.

Lesson: Think before you do .

2. Stop Building Microsites?

Author: Todd Defren of PR Squared

Wondering if creating a microsite might be a good idea for that new campaign you're promoting?  Exploring the topic of campaign microsites, Todd questions their worth and whether they generate any real traction.

While he doubts the majority of microsites has an ROI worth your time/investment, he does however share his thoughts on when one might make sense - when your company is part of a highly regulated industry that needs to be cautious with content, disclosures and consumer engagement.

Lesson: Look at how others are using social media, but evaluate what works best in your particular industry and for your own company before trying the same things.

3. Twitter Lists: Journalism Becomes a Real-Time Job

Author: Pete Cashmore of Mashable on

Lately, I've been noticing that content overload on the Web is becoming quite a popular topic.  To this point, Pete's article discusses Twitter's new list function and its ability to filter and organize clutter.

Is Twitter hinting at a cure for information overload, Pete wonders?  He discusses the possible opportunity for a new job position based on content organization - the real-time Web curator.  Should journalists assume this new role and capitalize on this trend?  In any event, Pete's sure a "curation" economy is starting to take shape.

Lesson: Create Twitter lists using your company Twitter account to organize leaders/content in your industry.

4. How to Write a Blog Post That's Stickier than Velcro

Author: Marelisa Fábrega on ProBlogger

"Sticky" ideas are those that are spread, remembered, and that people act upon.  Marisela's guest post explains the six common traits of sticky ideas, a concept originated by the bestseller, " Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die ."

  1. Keep your message simple
  2. Use an unexpected approach to capture readers' attention
  3. Describe your idea in a concrete, tangible way
  4. Illustrate that your message is credible by quoting statistics, studies, etc.
  5. Appeal to and evoke readers' emotions
  6. Tell a story
Lesson: Attract readers to your business blog by creating content with "sticky" properties.

5. 25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips

Author: Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog

Want to learn the best social media marketing advice from expert in-house marketers?  Read Lee's post, which includes tips on social media strategy (oh how we've come full circle!), how to decide on tactics, and measuring success.

One thing's for sure - the benefit of social media involvement is hard to ignore.

Lesson: Find inspiration to get started in the social media-sphere from experienced marketers.

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