Publish Your Social Media Updates Through HubSpot

Post date: 2022-05-17 Category: Marketing

Publish Your Social Media Updates Through HubSpotUpdating and scheduling your social media just got a whole lot easier with HubSpot's new Social Media Publishing App.  This app is now available for you to download in the HubSpot app marketplace.  Social media remains a critical component of your inbound marketing strategy and is a strong vehicle to promote your content.

This app is designed to help you streamline your publishing needs and help you promote your content and re-promote your content.By downloading this app, you will be able to complete the following social media tasks within HubSpot:

1) Create messages and publish them through popular social networks (currently supporting Twitter).

2) Create several messages at once and schedule them to publish at a later time and date.

3) Track messages you have published, along with messages currently scheduled.

4) Pull in content from your blog and promote / re-promote your existing content.

5) If you have multiple Twitter accounts, easily post to all of your accounts at once or individually. You have the ability to schedule to each individual account separately or simultaneously.

We suggest testing this app out by re-promoting some of your old blog posts.  This can be a hugely valuable way to leverage your old content and promote using new, distinct messages through your Social Media.  Try it today!