Inc. 500 Companies Score Better Than 70% of Websites [Data]

Post date: 2022-05-15 Category: Marketing

Inc. 500 Companies Score Better Than 70% of Websites [Data] This morning, we announced that HubSpot made it onto the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies List. Because data and analytics are in our blood, we thought it would be interesting to see what would happen when we analyzed the companies on the Inc. 500 list with HubSpot's Website Grader .

We came up with some interesting results. Overall, the main takeaway from the data is that the companies on the list score better than companies in general.

Here are some specific data points:

  • 160 of the 500 companies (32%) scored in the top 10% of all websites. They earned a Website Grade over 90.
  • The top 50 on the list averaged a grade of 67.
  • The top 100 averaged a grade of 70.
  • Overall the average of companies on the list is 70, which means that, on average, this year's Inc. 500 companies score better than 70% of all websites scored by Website Grader.

What's even more interesting is that HubSpot customers who made the list -- AppAssure Software , ymarketing , ServiceNow , UnitedLex , Neutron Interactive , SevOne , Nova Datacom , TicketLeap , and Source Consulting -- received an average score of 91.

(Note: The websites for highlighted companies did not return a report in Website Grader.)

Marketing Takeaway

Successful companies today are realizing the importance of having an effective web presence that takes advantage of inbound marketing strategies such as SEO, blogging and content creation, social media, landing pages, etc. From our analysis of the data we've gathered from Website Grader, it's obvious that the companies on the Inc. 500 list understand the importance of inbound marketing as well.

As a marketer, you need to be leveraging inbound marketing, too. How does your company fare? Grade your website today to find out!