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Post date: 2022-05-03 Category: Marketing

HubSpot TV Episode #12 - October 25, 2008

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Updates from the Social Media Sphere

  • Jet Blue Twitters Its New Terminal -
  • LinkedIn Raises Another $22.7m From SAP, Goldman Sachs, McGraw Hill -
  • Social Media Spectators increased from 48% of the adult online population in 2007 to 69% in 2008 -
  • Britney Spears on Twitter -
  • CBS Launches Social Viewing Rooms -

Major Upgrade to Google Analytics - Who is it for? What's in it for marketing? (Not a whole lot for most small or medium sized companies.)

  • Custom Reports - Nice for more sophisticated businesses
  • Audience Segmentation - Nice for businesses with a lot of traffic
  • API - bigger companies might want to build something on top of the data
  • Bubble Charts - only for super-duper analytical people

Marketing Update of the Day

  • Check out Gary V . and work to have energy like him!

Forum Fodder

  • "Companies I've worked with in the past have wanted to create a blog but got caught up over who should post and how the blog entries should be approved by marketing, management, PR, etc. This led to a logistical approval nightmare and generally prevented the blog from getting started. I'd be interested to hear how people on this forum were able to convince their companies/coworkers to allow qualified company bloggers to post articles without seeking additional approval."

HubSpot TV - Social Media & Google Analytics