How to Increase Lead Quantity in One Month [Customer Story]

Post date: 2023-02-27 Category: Marketing

How to Increase Lead Quantity in One Month [Customer Story]When we started with HubSpot, we here at Godfrey & Wing wanted to redesign our website while increasing the number of visitors and leads we got through our site. We also wanted to be able to manage our content creation internally. Our old website brought in very few qualified leads each month, and only then through a very basic "contact us" form.

The result: In our first month after launching our new website on the HubSpot platform, we achieved a 55% increase in monthly visitors and a 360% increase in monthly leads.

Step 1: Create content and share it

We wrote lots of fresh, new content about our range of products and services for our website, and started posting on a variety of industry-specific topics on our blog. So far we've focused our blog posts on answering common customer questions and industry insider knowledge. We write a press release about once a month and share both our press releases and blog articles on Facebook and LinkedIn. We use HubSpot’s blog and social media publishing tools to manage all of this.

Step 2: Create CTAs and landing pages

We created CTAs on our most visited pages and linked them to related landing pages that showcased our most compelling offers. We follow HubSpot’s recommended best practices for creating the CTAs and landing pages, and we continue to evaluate their effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. We just started doing some A/B testing. About 85% of our leads complete a call to action on our website rather than filling out a general "contact us" form. We use HubSpot’s CTA button builder, CTA manager, and the Landing Page wizard.

How to Increase Lead Quantity in One Month [Customer Story]

How to Increase Lead Quantity in One Month [Customer Story]

Step 3: Increase organic search results with optimized content

We used HubSpot’s Keyword tool to increase our organic search results. We were able to discover keywords that were driving leads to our website, to identify the difficulty level we might face if we try to rank for that keyword, as well as how many searches are performed on certain keywords and phrases. Now about 50% of our site visitors find us through organic search as compared to about 35% previously.

The HubSpot tools that we used to increase our website visits and leads were:The HubSpot CMS, Blog and Social Media Publishing tools, the CTA Button tool, the Landing Page wizard, and Keywords.

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