How to Create Anchor Links in CMS Hub

Post date: 2022-05-05 Category: Marketing

Have you ever scrolled through a long web page, struggling to find the section you want to read about? It's not the best experience, especially if you're quickly trying to get your research done.

That's why anchor links are so handy.

Anchor links are links that direct your readers to a specific location on one of your website pages. Say you have a website page that contains information on all your different products or that lists each of your store locations. You can create a link to each section of that page, and send your readers to the exact location of the page they need to see. This means you save your customers from having to play seek and find each time they visit your site.

What's even more exciting is that you can create anchor links in your HubSpot account without having to fiddle with HTML.

Ready to get started?

Where Can Anchor Links Be Used?

In yourMarketing HubBasic, Professional, or Enterprise account, you can add anchor links to landing pages, website pages, or your blog posts.

How Can I Create an Anchor Link?

After entering the editor of a landing page, website page, or blog post, click the location you wish to insert an anchor link in. In the toolbar, selectInsert>Anchor.