How to Achieve Inbound Marketing Success in Less Than a Month

Post date: 2022-05-11 Category: Marketing

How to Achieve Inbound Marketing Success in Less Than a Month If you're new to inbound marketing , it may seem daunting to transform your marketing practices. Where do you start? How soon can you see results? I had a chance to chat with Kathryn Alexander of Ethical Impact, a recent HubSpot customer who used the free HubSpot trial to achieve success in fewer than 30 days.

A Small Business Looking for Results

Ethical Impact is a small business providing strategic planning, consulting, auditing, and certification for businesses implementing sustainable business practices. Kathryn, the company's owner and founder, was looking for a way to simply deliver results for her business. She was not generating leads through her website and didn't know how to make the transition from the traditional marketing methods she had been doing for years.

Gaining the Knowledge to Make Use of the Tools

While she had tried a variety of tools, what she needed was the knowledge of inbound marketing best practices and how to use tools like blogs and landing pages to her benefit.

Step 1: Optimize the Blog

Kathryn had been blogging for years on Wordpress but wasn't seeing any business results. Using her HubSpot trial , she moved her existing blog articles over to HubSpot and started writing new articles automatically optimized for her best keywords. Using the educational resources available to HubSpot customers and trialers, along with the great help of her inbound marketing specialist, Adam Enbar , she learned blogging best practices.

Step 2: Create a Landing Page

Kathryn had an idea for a whitepaper she could offer as a free download on Ethical Impact's website. With a landing page, anonymous website visitors could drop their contact information in exchange for a relevant educational offer provided by Ethical Impact.

Step 3: Add a Call-to-Action

Now that she had the offer available, she needed to send some traffic to the landing page. To do this, she added a call-to-action button on her homepage and did an email campaign to drive more visitors to the landing page.

Results: 16% Conversion Rate and 12 New Leads!

By sending traffic to a landing page with an educational offer, Ethical Impact was able to generate 12 new leads in less than a month! On top of that, Kathryn saw a 76% improvement in their web traffic ranking, showing Ethical Impact was growing both traffic and leads. Since then, Kathryn has continued to blog, create new landing pages and offers and capture even more inbound leads!

Marketing Takeaway

It's not accomplishing these marketing goals that's difficult, Kathryn said, it was figuring out what to do and making the transition from outbound to inbound marketing. So, don't hesitate - start blogging and creating landing pages and promoting them on your website. Ethical Impact wasn't generating leads through their website before and in fewer than 30 days she was able to turn that around and get the website to work for her!