HubSpot TV - Gobble Up Inbound Marketing (Thanksgiving Episode)

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Episode #68 - November 25, 2009
(Episode Length: 19 minutes, 15 seconds)


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Black Friday and Social Media

  • HOW TO: Use Social Media to Find Black Friday Deals
  • Gizmodo's #blackfriday feed has the latest posts about the best electronic deals to be had.
  • MyBlack Friday Deals...uses the mobile photo slide show app Whrrl toallow bloggers to take pictures of the best deals they can find instores and upload them to the site to be voted on by deal seekers.
  • Staples, Macy's and Walmart are "leaking" deals on Twitter
  • DealNewshas a free Black Friday app that lets you sort deals by "Early Bird,""In Store Only," and "Limited Availability," as well as see photos ofthe sale items.
  • Marketing Takeaway - Connect with your customers in every way possible.

The Inc 500 is Catching On to Inbound Marketing

  • Learning From Leaders: The Inc. 500 and Social Media Usage
  • "Thestudy found that 75% of companies who participated in the survey werevery familiar with social media in 2009, a dramatic increase over the57% of respondents familiar with some type of social networking in2008."
  • "Forty-five percent of respondents surveyed maintained ablog at their company in 2009 (a slight jump over the 39% in 2008 and19% in 2007 who blogged). Of course, the same growth didn't extendacross all social platforms."
  • "A whopping 91% percent ofcompanies also admitted to using at least one social media tool, asignificant increase over 77% of respondents in 2008."
  • Marketing Takeaway: The fastest growing companies are using social media & inbound marketing, shouldn't you?

Google Adds a Left Navigation?

  • Google Testing Permanent Sidebar
  • "Thenew interface uses a left-hand pane to display search options-butinstead of being off by default, with a link to turn on the pane, thenew search options will be on permanently, and Google will lose the topblue bar over its results."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Produce different kinds of to enhance the visibility of your company on Google search results.

LA Times Refines Social Media Guidelines

  • LA Times Social Media Guidelines Lead to Much More
  • Times updates social media guidelines
  • "Originallywritten in March of this year the update makes sense since the 8 monthsor so that have passed since the first take is like a lifetime in thesocial media world. In fact, the real story here may be that the LATimes hasn't taken a 'set it and forget it' approach to their socialmedia guidelines so please take note everybody."
  • "The Times isto be, above all else, a principled news organization. In deed and inappearance, journalists must keep themselves - and The Times - abovereproach."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Create social media guidelines for your company that GUIDE your employees but don't stop them from creating content.

Forum Fodder

  • AlisonSemancik asks on : I just recently made a change to our "buy now" page - thepage where visitors can choose the software package that works best forthem and purchase. In the past, we only had 3 options to choose from: 1user, 3 user and 5 user. Our company recently decided to add a 10 userpackage to this page. Since I added it one week ago, sales have droppedsignificantly. I can only conclude that the sales drop is from thisaddition, but I'm not sure.
  • Google Website Optimize, HubSpot Analytics
  • Conversion Rate vs. Number of Sales
  • Where is your traffic coming from?

Marketing Tip of the Week : Your New Year's Resolution should be to try something new (and we don't mean just on the table!)


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HubSpot TV - Gobble Up Inbound Marketing (Thanksgiving Episode)

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