Five Inbound Marketing Lessons From LA's Korean BBQ Taco Truck

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Five Inbound Marketing Lessons From LA's Korean BBQ Taco Truck

How do you get people lining up for a new product in midst of a devastating recession?

The Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck in LA has one of the best answer I've seen.

The first Kogi truck launched on Nov 20. Now, four and a half months later, they have a second truck, Angelinos are waiting hours in line for late-night tacos and the business is the talk of the city .

In the traditional world, businesses like Kogi were built in one of two ways: (a) expensive PR and advertising campaigns, or (b) no formal marketing, and lots of praying.

Of course, Kogi didn't take either of those routes. They took an inbound approach. They started a blog , loaded pictures of their tacos onto Flickr and they began posting their truck locations on Twitter ( @kogibbq ). Above all, Kogi made it easy for their customers to find their business.

Korean BBQ tacos may seem distant from the work you do every day, but there are at least five keys to Kogi's success that are relevant to marketers in any business:

1. Tackle SEO With Content -- With their blog, Flickr and Twitter, Kogi is creating a huge content footprint on the web. That means more pages for search engines to index , which will eventually mean better ranking for their site. You can already see this working: After a little more than four months, Kogi is on the first page of results when I search Google for " Korean BBQ LA ."

2. Figure Out Where Your Customers Hang Out -- Any business trying to get involved in social media needs to begin with a few basic steps: Figure out where its customers congregate online, go there, listen and eventually join the conversation. That's exactly what Kogi did. They discovered that their young, technology-savvy customers were on Twitter, so they got involved. Now they have a community of over 14,000 on Twitter.

Five Inbound Marketing Lessons From LA's Korean BBQ Taco Truck

3. Listen to and Interact With Your Customers -- Although Kogi broadcasts their trucks' locations via Twitter, their Twitter feed is not exclusively a broadcast channel. They interact with people and they respond to people on Twitter. Same goes for their blog -- the comments are very active. They even solicited names for their new trucks and are designing company t-shirts via the blog. This type of interaction gives customers a sense of ownership, which creates loyalty.

4. Be Authentic -- Check out the Kogi blog posts . They're not written by an advertising copy writer. They're filled with LOL-speak , and sound more like they could have been written by somebody buying or serving tacos. This makes the company more human and creates loyalty.

5. Sell Something Good -- I've never had a Kogi taco, but look at the picture above. Has anything on your local roach coach ever looked so good? (If you've had a Kogi taco, please weigh in on their quality below.)

What do you think? How can you apply these lessons to your business? How about to the B2B world?

Kogi photos by Eric Shin .

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Five Inbound Marketing Lessons From LA's Korean BBQ Taco Truck

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