Finding Sanity in the Graduate Hiring Season

Post date: 2023-02-22 Category: Marketing

Finding Sanity in the Graduate Hiring SeasonSpring is well underway and that means graduation season is just around the corner! A new group of graduates will soon be on the hunt for their first jobs in the workforce, likely joining some of your teams.

Now is a great time to come up with a plan for your business, so your office can make a smooth transition and embrace the new dynamic. What should you consider when putting together your plan? Here are tips to get started:

Embrace the new knowledge:As seasoned professionals, it is easy to get set in your ideas and techniques. We’ve all been there. We find what works for us, and we stick to it. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Not necessarily. Where these new professionals may lack in experience, they make up for with fresh ideas. Are their ideas going to change the way you operate at the office on a daily basis? Maybe not. But creating a comfortable space for young professionals to express ideas will be beneficial all around. Recent grads are often able to see projects in a different light and are on the cutting edge of innovative technology and techniques. Give them an opportunity to share their ideas, and you just might be surprised.

Skip the handholding:Doesn’t this contradict creating a healthy space for brainstorming and mentorship? Not at all. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. How are your new hires supposed to learn if you’re micro-managing every decision? Instead, mange their work by allowing them to complete a project or have them check in with you, just to make sure they are on the right track. As a result, they will become accustomed to your work style faster and make less mistakes going forward. If new hires are able to think for themselves they will complete tasks independently. After a project is complete you can review the components and provide constructive criticism or tips as needed. This way the new hire is receiving feedback, but they won’t get accustomed to relying on others for guidance.

Test your patience:When you are seasoned professional sometimes the thought of training a new team member can sometimes feel exhausting. You can help ease this feeling by being proactive with a work plan. Set yourself additional time each day to complete projects in anticipation for time spent for instruction and guidance. By spending a little of extra time with your new hires when they join the team you will end up saving yourself time in the future. Your new hires will also thank you for helping them assimilate into the company and culture quickly.

Before designing a plan with your team to ensure a positive transition, look back on your first job out of college. Reflect on your experience — how would you have liked to be treated to ease the transition? By practicing your patience and working off each other’s strengths and weaknesses your company will grow and thrive through every season of new graduates.