Cocktail Hour: March 2, 2012

Post date: 2023-02-08 Category: Marketing

Cocktail Hour: March 2, 2012Happy Leap Year everyone! If you weren’t out celebrating February 29th in some way (or even if you were), it’s alright. It gave us an extra day to create, design, strategize and otherwise continue being awesome. And that’s just great in anyone’s book.

Here’s a look at some good reads from this week, in case you missed them whilst leaping:

8 Guaranteed Ways to Drive Customers Away (Inc. Magazine): No matter how long you’ve been in the business (or how long your clients have been in business), it’s important to remember to treat the people who got you there correctly. Take these words to heart: “Make a list of the customers you can't afford to lose. Then list what those customers buy. That list is the foundation of your business. Never forget what keeps your lights on.”

Brands Unveil Their Facebook Timelines (Creativity Online): As you’ve probably heard, Facebook brand pages will also be switching over to the Timeline format. This means changing in tabs, custom pages and overall design. How will this affect your and/or your clients’ pages? This shows a preview of how early adopting brands have designed their pages. Of these, I personally really enjoy Burberry for the almost catalog-like feel and how they are able to effectively visualize the brand. Plus, it never hurts to look at beautiful clothes...

Why Videos Go Viral (TED): TED Talks are my total guilty pleasure, and I usually have three or four open in my browser at any one time. This one in particular is about the elusive mix of what makes a video go viral, using the magical Nyan Cat as a prime example. It’s a fun look at how our culture can take something completely nonsensical and turn it into a cultural phenomenon. It’s also a great explanatory tool for when a client comes to you and says, “I want a viral video.” It’s not so simple; it’s a recipe of time, content and audience. And most likely cats.

Don’t Let Culture Vultures Scuttle Your Strategy (Fast Company): Running a business is tough. And it’s ultimately about the people that are involved and how invested they are within your organization. This piece takes a look at the balance between corporate strategy and company culture. How are they meshing? Is your strategy killing your culture?

Do You Have a Fear of Missing Out? (Greatist): On a more serious, personal note, regardless of your profession, it’s important to recognize if you are becoming anxious when you aren’t connected. It’s a FOMO, or a “fear of missing out.” We’ve seen studies telling us that social media is more addictive than smoking and drinking, and it’s with good reason. Our connected selves become prone to anxiety and even literally lose sleep over potentially missing something. Stop. Unplug. Reconnect with the outside world. Set limits and ultimately be happier.

What great things have you been reading this week?