Better Landing Pages Start With a Marketing Persona

Post date: 2022-05-11 Category: Marketing

Better Landing Pages Start With a Marketing PersonaWhich is better? Hoping that the cute guy will notice you across the crowded room and ask you to coffee? Or going up to the cute guy and asking them if they'd like to join you for coffee? I can tell you that 9 times out of 10 you'll have a coffee date if you approach the other person.

Landing pages are the same way! Why wouldn't you give your company the opportunity to "date" more people?
Of course, since you're a great Content Camper you understand that Landing Pages are important. But before you go asking everyone under the sun to coffee, it's important to make sure that know what to look for in that "special someone". That way, you can get more "dates" with people that will really click!
A marketing persona helps focus your content creation, landing pages and offer strategy.A marketing persona is a fully realized description of your customer. The more detailed it is, the easier it is to think of offers and landing pages that will appeal to your ideal customer. You can also have more than one persona if you find that you tend to sell to different types of people.
Here are some questions to consider when crafting a marketing persona:
1) What gender is your customer?
2) What is the customer's age bracket?
3) What industry is your customer in?
4) What is your customer's job function?
5) What kind of educational background do they have?
6) What activities outside work does your customer participate in?
6) What geographic region does your customer come from?
7) How does your customer dress?
8) What does your customer's day usually look like?
9) Does your customer have children?
10) What is your customer's most pressing concern at work/home?
Take some time to brainstorm your ideal customer. Start by examining trends and similarities in your current customer base.Make persona creation a team effort- Sales, Marketing, Product, Services, etc. will all have important nuances to add. Once you have that ideal person in mind, you'll be able to craft landing pages and offers that are irresistible to them!

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