Are Inbound Marketers Truly Enlightened?

Post date: 2022-05-04 Category: Marketing

If you're a marketer and you don't take yourself too seriously , you will be rolling on the floor after you watch this.

Here's some of my favorite quotes relevant to the inbound marketing mission:

  • "Don't know it? Don't show it."
  • "You've got to hone your marketing mix. I like to stick with proven offline strategy ... to drive awareness. It's not that digital marketing isn't proven, it's that I can't conduct a thorough ROI. I don't do ROI on the rest of my media mix. But, that's because they're proven."
  • I prefer someone to be aware of my product than to not purchase it. They can't convert if they're not aware.
  • For instance ... Why would you give paid search credit for a certain conversion when it might just be a spillover of awareness of a USA Today Newspaper ad ... that noone looked at?

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Are Inbound Marketers Truly Enlightened?

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