5 Ways to Analyze Landing Page Data to Generate More Leads

Post date: 2022-05-16 Category: Marketing

Ever wonder how a landing page you created months ago is performing today? Marketers have a tendency to focus on whatever new initiatives they are launching in the moment, forgetting about older initiatives that may still be generating results. While new campaigns are important, don't let last month's hard work fall by the wayside. Start tracking the long tail value of your landing pages!

5 Ways to Analyze Landing Page Data to Generate More Leads

5 Ways to Use Landing Page Analytics to Generate More Leads

1. Make sure your best content keeps giving back.Evergreen content and landing page offers are great, and people crave them year round. How is a specific landing page performing ten months later? It may not be receiving the same traffic, but the conversion rate could stay nearly the same. Track landing page performance over time to identify top-performing offers that you can use in evergreen promotion. (HubSpot customers can do this through the new Landing Page Analytics graph within HubSpot's Landing Page Tools ; screenshot above. That's powerful stuff!)

2. Investigate why some landing pages perform better than others.With historic data on your landing pages' performance, you can get a holistic understanding of which types of offers perform better than others. Compare your landing pages' performance against each other, and then come up with some hypotheses. Do ebooks perform better? Whitepapers? Free consultations? Consider doubling down on the types of offers that outperform others when crafting future campaigns.

3. Find your crème de la crème by comparing all landing pages against your average landing page conversion.This is a great way to understand which landing pages outshine the rest. Learn from your successes, and do it again!

4. Re-launch your best content.If there is a specific landing page that continues to generate a high conversion rate without any promotion, why not re-promote and get it more traffic? Get some additional value out of that bad boy! You already did the hard work of creating the offer, and there's a good chance many of your prospects never saw it in the first place.

5. Track historically how your landing pages perform overall.Don't only track individual landing page performance. Measure how they're performing as a collection. If your graph goes up and to the right, give yourself a pat on the back! The compounding effect of highly converting landing pages over time (while continuing to add even more landing pages to your website) is key to successfully scaling your lead generation .

How else can you track your landing pages? In your experience, what qualities lead to a highly converting landing page ?