3 Secrets of the Top HubSpot Customer Landing Pages

Post date: 2022-05-11 Category: Marketing

3 Secrets of the Top HubSpot Customer Landing PagesLanding pages are where your customers decide just how interested they are in learning more about what you offer them. And they often make this decision in the blink of an eye.

How can you improve your chances that each visit to a landing page will convert a visitor into a lead?

1 - Match the Headline to the CTA

Look back at the button or link that brought them to this page. What did it promise the visitor? Make sure that this promise is echoed explicitly in the headline of your landing page. Otherwise, your visitor is likely to feel they have been led astray.

It's a good idea to make sure that your image clearly echoes the promise of your Call to Action as well. The headline and image are likely to be the first things your visitor sees. Keep these consistent with the offer that compelled them to click in the first place.

2 - Keep it short

A landing page is not the place to go into a long discourse about why your visitor should download your ebook, watch your testimonial video, or request a consultation. It's a place to make the most concise, compelling pitch you can for that offer.

Think of the text on your landing page as an elevator pitch. What can you say to convince this visitor to complete your form and hit hit "submit" in under 30 seconds?

Aim for two to three lines of text, followed by three to five short, one-line bullet points that explain what benefits your visitor will get by taking the next step. Then conclude with your most powerful argument, and leave it at that.

3 - Don't confuse the issue

A surprising number of landing pages try to get the visitor to take more than one step. This will invariably drive down the conversion rate on the one step you wish them to take -- completing your form and becoming a trackable lead in your system.

This is why Landing Page Best Practices suggest you remove the top-level navigation from a landing page, only have one form per landing page, and make it crystal clear that this one form is the action step you wish your visitor to take.

After all, your visitor presumably clicked on the Call to Action that led them to this page because they wanted what you were offering them in that CTA. Make it as easy as possible for them to obtain this offer, and then step out of the way.