10 Technology-Company Blogs to Model Your Blog After

Post date: 2022-05-05 Category: Marketing

By now, most marketers and small business owners understand the kind of impact blogging can have on businesses .

They understand that blogging helps with SEO . They understand that it helps build traction on social networks . And they understand that it's a way to build a community around their business .

There's usually just one thing they're unsure of: Whether blogging is right for their industry.

Over the next few weeks we're going to address some of these concerns with a series of posts highlighting top business blogs in different industries.

Today we're starting with this list of top technology-company blogs:

10 Technology-Company Blogs to Model Your Blog After

This list was generated by Blog Grader , a free Grader  service from HubSpot. Blog Grader measures the marketing effectiveness of blogs by considering inbound links, Technorati rank, Google Page rank, social media mentions and other factors, then calculating a percentile score for each blog.

The blogs on this list received the highest percentile score for blogs we track in the technology industry.

If you're in the technology industry, check out these blogs. See what they write about, how they structure their posts, and how often they publish. They're all great models.

One final note: Do you think there's a blog that should be included on this list? Do you know of blogs that we should consider for lists of top blogs in other industries? Please add them here .

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